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Rossette Coffee Lab

Thogarihunkal Robusta Naturals (15)

BEAN: Robusta |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Medium, Dark |

TASTING NOTES: Butter Biscuits,Caramel, Smooth Finish

TASTING NOTES: Butter Biscuits,Caramel, Smooth Finish

Another coffee from our partner estate, Thogarihunka,l is a speciality Robusta. This coffee is a naturally processed Robusta varietal, hand-picked and dried under direct sunlight on the drying yard for 12-14 days until the moisture is about 11%. You can enjoy this super buttery cup with a biscuity mouthfeel with very little harshness (very tough to find in a Robusta) and a long caramel aftertaste which lingers on. This coffee is sure pleaser for the Moka pot and espresso fans.


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A passion driven project by two home brewers turned coffee professionals.

Rossette Coffee Lab is a home for experimentation, right from working closely with the farmers on specially processed lots to custom profiling the roasts highlighting the unique flavours of the coffee to finally brewing the cup to perfection.

The brand identity, logo and name are inspired by the Latte Art “Rosetta”, hence connecting the brand to coffee through its heart. Rossette aims to upskill the Indian consumer and barista’s alike through its unique coffee lab experience and curated coffee events.


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