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Estate Monkeys

Arabica Cherry

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Rich in Aroma, Pleasant Flavour

TASTING NOTES: Rich in Aroma, Pleasant Flavour

This Dry-Processed, Arabica coffee is sourced from the glorious, shade-grown coffee plantations from Coorg region. The hand-picked ripe cherries are sorted with utmost care, laid out in thin layers and dried under the sun for few days, with the outer skin and pulp on. They are constantly turned using rakes to ensure even drying. This is when the fermentation occurs, resulting in the outer skin leaving a fruity and sweet flavour to coffee.


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Makers of Estate Monkeys LLP belong to 5th generation Coffee Producers from Somwarpet, North Coorg. Estate Monkeys was established in 2018 with a vision to bring together the strong roots of generations of family’s work with the continuously changing modern world of coffee.

In August 2020, Estate Monkeys set up a Roastery in Bengaluru with an objective to cater meticulously sourced Coorg coffee. Estate Monkeys provides utmost Customization: choice of beans, blends, type of roast & grind size and are delighted to serve you all Fresh & Best Signature Blends, House Blends, Single Estate Coffee, Graded and Chicory Blends.


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