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Anughraha Estate Organic Natural Process – 2023 Launch

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Balmaadi Estate Organic Natural Process – 2023 Launch

BEAN: 100% Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light |

TASTING NOTES: Red apple, a splash of orange and a Swirl of Chocolate

TASTING NOTES: Red apple, a splash of orange and a Swirl of Chocolate

Tastes Like – Red apple, a splash of orange and a Swirl of Chocolate || Roasting Profile – Filter ( Light Roast )  || Altitude – 1400 MASL || Process – Organic Natural || Producer Name – Unnamalai Thiagarajan || Harvest Year – 2022-23 || 100% Arabica Organic

We are more than excited to launch our next coffee for the new coffee season 2023.
This is the first time we are working with the Balmaadi Coffee Estate – and we are enjoying it.
About Balmaadi Coffee estate :- It is situated in The Nilgiri mountains of the Western Ghat in the Southern state of Tamilnadu in India. This Indian Coffee Estate takes an effort to keep the organic nature of coffee alive and has been doing so for the past 20 years.

Coffee Producers Note ~
“Ideally, ripe coffee cherries are picked and dried in the yard of the Pulp House. After they are dried, they are put into jute gunnies of 50 kg each and stored until they are ready to move to the plains for warehousing.
It takes about 10-15 days for the coffee cherry to reach its ideal moisture percentage.” Unnamalai Thiagarajan – Producer Balmaadi Coffee

Coffee Roasters Note ~
“This Indian coffee is now the talking point. We have been brewing this coffee on our Manual coffee bar – making v-60 Pourovers , Aeropress and also some beautiful Cold Brew. This coffee has the flavor notes of red apple, a splash of orange, and a swirl of chocolate. The roasting profile is that of a filter roast with short post first crack time spent in the roaster. This enabled us to bring out complex acidity yet a caramelized sugar note” Mutthu – Core team Member Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters


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Once upon a time there was a King and there was a paper cup. Well nothing happened there, the king died and nobody cared about the paper cup. Well here’s what you should care about, some real good Coffee. Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters is a concept coming out of passion, where we don’t just make coffee but we LIVE with it. We’ve been sourcing, roasting and supplying the most beautiful Indian Coffees for about two years now. It started from a 180 sqft space, and we’re not getting bigger and better each day.
Coffee at Corridor Seven Coffee Roasters endeavors to empower Indian Coffee Farmers with a no middle-men approach – sourcing directly from them. Roasting for us is Art, Science, and Crat, we keep experimenting with various new profiles and techniques every time.

We are extremely Quality centric so every coffee after roasting is cupped and graded. While coffee taste is subjective, transparency is our philosophy and we live by it. Roasting coffee isn’t new, what is new are the techniques and breaking out of all preconceived notions.
We don’t claim to be the pioneers but we certainly claim that we have done our homework, climbed our ropes with passion and all now we want is translation of passion into your coffee. Corridor Seven Roasters is a brand built by people, fueled by passion and work on Quality, a good amount of Coffee and insanity.


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