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Cafflano Kompresso

Kompresso = Compress + Espresso

Cafflano  Kompresso is the world’s most compact and the lightest portable authentic espresso maker that uses a hydraulic system complied with Pascal’s Principle to boost the extraction force of espresso.

Pascal’s Principle (the principle of transmission of fluid-pressure) is the principle in fluid mechanics that states a change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at rest is transmitted undiminished to all points in the fluid. This hydraulic compressor of Cafflano Kompresso is designed to retain high-pressure over 9 bar until espresso is fully extracted. In addition, the dual-mode pressure (pressing and pulling handles) maximizes the weight-force.

Hydraulic water compression opposed to typical Pneumatic air compression
Unique compression-model design that maximizes force efficiency
Consistent high-pressure over 9 bars
Light! Less than 200g (0.44lb)
Compact (17cm x 10cm)
Sustainable & eco-friendly
Durable and hygienic
Easy to use and clean
Max capacity of water = 80mL (2.7oz)
Max capacity of Basket Filter = 15g (0.03lb)
Affordable with no filters to replace
Internationally Patented (Utility and Design Patents)x


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Beanscorp Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 by five coffee lovers, and garnered coffee acclaim with her brand new concept of brewing equipment that cover all different types of brewing; pour-over, espresso and immersion.

Ever since, Beanscorp has been developing innovative, sustainable and portable coffee equipment under the brand, Cafflano® and won over 13+ international awards from coffee, outdoor and kitchenware industries, including four consecutive ‘the best new product awards’ from Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. Cafflano® is now available in 100 countries globally.

Our mission is crystal clear;
Develop, manufacture and provide quality coffee gear that are Simple, Innovative, Economic, Convenient, Sustainable and Portable for all coffee lovers.

We still have lots of epoch-making ideas of innovative coffee gear, and through continuous investment into R&D, we will keep on moving forward making ourselves differentiated from others and help coffee lovers enjoy great coffee anytime, anywhere.


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