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Carpe Diem

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light |

TASTING NOTES: Subtle Light and Sweet

TASTING NOTES: Subtle Light and Sweet

Have you wondered what’s the secret behind those early risers who sway in sync with the sun? Those so-called “morning people”. We like to think we have discovered their secret, it must be the Carpe Diem coffee! We explored a couple of luscious coffee farms in Karnataka, gathered only the best batches of Arabica beans and gave them a light roast, to leave your taste buds with some strong and stimulating coffee tones. You can now leave behind your Monday morning inspirational quotes and get grooving to the music of chirping birds. Let your kickstart last all day long with The Carpe Diem Coffee. The Carpe Diem grind brings you the most pleasant caffeinated flavour’s you could imagine. Experience the magic of subtle light and sweet tones in every sip and every cup.


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Our Story
To be honest, we are coffee snobs who are completely infatuated by the world of caffeine. So we created – The Grind Coffee to translate our passion into the best of beans. Our magical aromas promise to transfix in just a sniff. Besides being undoubtedly aromatic our beans are intense, refreshing and sophisticated. So it’s time to transform your usual cup with TGC!

They say – A cup a day, keeps the stress at bay.
We say – A perfect cup a day, keeps the whole life in place.

In every bean we serve, lies a story of its birth, the tales of time, and its nurtured aromas. We just can’t wait to bring these intoxicating stories to your shelf.

Personality Based Coffee
At TGC we are reinventing the so-called ‘coffee date’. As we all know coffee can be a personal drink that is often alarmingly close to your hearts. Whether that be your morning cup of coffee to get you happy and high or your midnight cup to keep you up all night, it’s a ritual most of us can’t let go of. So we thought we’d connect all the shades of you, to all the shades of our beans. We have crafted and categorized our coffee to make sure you find your perfect blend to synchronize with your personality.


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