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Classic Coffee

Classic Matinee

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Drip & Brew Bags

TASTING NOTES: Sweet, citrus, mildly fruity

TASTING NOTES: Sweet, citrus, mildly fruity

A mix of spice and sweet citrus notes with hints of mild berry, to perk up your afternoon with a smooth mouthfeel and a light body.


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The world’s connoisseur coffees are of single origin.
Ours is amongst the finest of them.

Some of the world’s finest coffees originate from the verdant hills of Bababudangiri in Chikmagalur, and Sakleshpur in the Manjarabad region. Premium grade coffees from our own Kalladevarapura and Harley estates across these two regions have consistently been awarded as amongst the best coffees in the region. Our coffees grow under a canopy of trees and are nurtured with natural flowing spring waters. Soaking up the rich characteristics of the soil and the environment, our coffees are imbued with a unique palette of flavours and taste profiles ranging from hints of spice, fruity and floral notes. This shade-grown coffee has its own distinctive characteristics  taste, flavour, aroma and mouthfeel resultant from our combination of technique and terroir.


Carefully nurtured over 5 generations

Over 150 years ago, the family behind Classic Group made Indian coffee mark its presence across the world. 5 generations hence, we continue this glorious tradition. Founded and managed by 4th and 5th generation coffee planters, Classic Coffee is the culmination of a long and cherished association with coffee. Every sip of these fine coffees tells the story of expertise in cultivating, picking, processing, milling, sorting and roasting of the magical bean called coffee. The collective strengths of our current team  which was amongst the community that pioneered the global outreach of Indian coffee through export operations  across nurturing, processing and marketing has helped our coffees gain immense recognition globally. We are founder members of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI), besides being members of the international Specialty Coffee Association; and our promoters are active on the India Coffee Board.


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