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Cold Brew Coffee Pot 700 ml

Some like it hot, others like it cold. For the latter, the Hario Cold Brew makes incredible smooth iced coffee that’s neither bitter not acidic. The secret. Cold water. ground coffee and an 12-hour long brewing process, that proves the old adage you can’t rush perfection.

Capacity: 700 ml

Brewing time : 12 hours of steeping in room temperature.

Grind size: Coarse grind.

Blend Recommended: Rea Medium Dark Pure Coffee.

Roast Recommended: Medium Dark.

Proportion of Coffee: 150g of coffee- 700ml water


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Founded in 1921
For over 100 years,
we’ve been making products that customers cherish.

HARIO has been planning, manufacturing and selling heatproof glass
since its very inception — and is the only manufacturer with a heatproof glass factory in Japan.
Initially, we manufactured and sold laboratory glassware.
But in 1948, we began making coffee siphons by taking advantage of the properties of heatproof glass
and our refined glass processing techniques.

We later expanded into a wide range of popular home products made from various materials.
Since the 1980s, we’ve been producing industrial glass for automotive light lenses.
We also offer items for coffee and tea (black, Japanese and herbal),
as well as microwave-safe cooking utensils and other kitchenware.
In the next 100 years,
we want to continue enhancing the lives of everyone who loves HARIO
and keep creating products that people consider their favorites.


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