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Cold Brew Coffee

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Drip & Brew Bags

Cold Brew is not the same drink as iced or cold coffee. Cold coffee is simply regular coffee that?s served over ice and/or mixed with milk.

What’s Cold Brew??

Cold Brew is made from coffee grounds that have been steeped in cold water for 12+ hours??. It?s the??time?, rather than??heat??that extracts the flavour and caffeine from the coffee.

Why Cold Brew?

Cold Brew coffee is sweeter and smoother because the coffee grounds are exposed to low temperatures. The lower acidity of Cold Brew is easy on your stomach and is better for keeping your body’s pH levels balanced.

Our?coffee-bags produce an?exquisite brew, especially designed for our consumers with flawless taste buds.

Our 100% Arabica beans, specially sourced from Coorg, are hand-picked, skillfully roasted and ground precisely for you to appreciate. Additionally, to lock-in the flavour, our coffee is packed immediately in sachets for you to enjoy a readily aromatic blend.


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