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Black Baza


BEAN: Arabica peaberry |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Medium |



This might just be our new favourite coffee. After months of testing (and tasting!), we arrived at this blend at about the same time that the Monsoons hit our Roastery in Bangalore! Enjoy this blend of medium-roasted, washed Arabica Peaberry coffee beans in a quantum entanglement with green cardamom.

This interesting Arabica coffee comes from our partner producers in BR Hills, an incredibly lush deciduous forest at the confluence of the Western and Eastern Ghats. In contrast, the cardamom is from a much wetter, rainforest in Bisle Ghat, Karnataka. Two important biodiversity hotspots, and two very delicious ingredients!

The first time one of us saw Draco dussumieri was in fact, in our partner producer, Harsha’s cardamom forest in Attihally, Karnataka. Can you imagine how it felt to sit on rock (despite leeches) and watch this fantastical creature flick its yellow dewlap before it took off from the trunk of one tree and glided swiftly to another? These lizards have been known to glide for 200ft, which is incredible given that these tiny lizards are about the size of an adult human hand! Mystical, mighty and just damn cool, that’s why this cardi coffee is the Draco!


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Our office consists of rough-around-the-edges revolutionaries – scattered between Bangalore and BR Hills, India. Morning coffee is a Pour Over brewed with beans from leftovers – samples of new coffees we are trying out. By the afternoon our bloom is more precise. The bakery next door makes the best eggs puffs ever so those are consumed as part of our refined coffee pairing experiments. In the early evenings as rain beats down on rain, a chart paper is fashioned on to the tabletop. Mind maps are drawn, redrawn and reviewed. Where are we going and how can we get there in the most democratic way?

The idea of Black Baza Coffee did not come from us at all. It came from coffee growers themselves and it was the idea of creating a local, participatory and meaningful movement for coffee – starting with India and hopefully elsewhere as well. The idea of Black Baza Coffee holds within it a want for an alternative – a production and market system which values producers and nature equally.
For those amidst us, a four-year research project led to the realization that coffee markets are structured in ways that undermine the wellbeing of farmers and forests. This is true even for contemporary sustainability mechanisms – which are, on paper, designed to tackle social and environmental inequities, but in reality achieve little. The uneven power structure of coffee value chains and the inherent limitations of existing sustainability mechanisms is what emboldened us to create Black Baza Coffee, a movement that attempts to reconstruct marketplaces such that coffee as a commodity is re-embedded in place, people and ecology.
Quite simply, our work is two-staged – first we co-imagine a sustainable future with coffee growing communities and then we interconnect producers to consumers through telling stories on a community-supported agriculture marketplace.
This means that Black Baza Coffee is not solely a trading organization but an enabling one.


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