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Woodi Peck's Coffee

Filter Coffee 60/40

BEAN: Arabica with Chicory |

COFFEE: Roasted

TASTING NOTES: Arabica 60%, Chicory 40%

TASTING NOTES: Arabica 60%, Chicory 40%

If you love south Indian filter coffee then woodi pecks premium coffee powder is for you. This filter coffee powder comes with a unique aroma and strength in every cup.

Woodi pecks coffee is ground and packed only after the order is placed, contains 60% fresh ground coffee with 40% chicory

Brew: Suited for traditional Indian filter since it contains chicory

Storage: Please store the contents of this pack?in a cool, air-tight container and consume within 30 days of opening for best results.

No preservatives added; Note: This is not ready-to-drink instant coffee. Does not contain sugar or milk or milk solids. Contains fresh ground blended coffee with 40% chicory; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 9 Months; Total Weight: 250 gm; Package Contents: 250 gm of Coffee Powder


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WoodiPeck’s coffee comes from the prestigious coffee export group in India Woodpeckers Coffee Trading House, we have our own coffee plantations and have been growing India’s finest coffee since 1935 in Sakleshpura, Hassan District, Karnataka which is nestled in the most glorious and elusive Western Ghats.
Sakleshpura which is located at 12.97°N 75.78°E. It has an average elevation of 949 meters (3113 feet) above sea level which is good for coffee cultivation.

At WoodiPeck’s Coffee, you are always assured of finest coffee that you can buy online in India. We have tied up with other small farmers where by expanding our reach of Indian coffee to approximately 5000 acres.
Vision : To provide the best coffee from planters directly to consumers at the right price.


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