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Flower Dripper


Frenchpress, 600ml

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Flower Dripper – ARITA

ARITA porcelain or Arita ware is handcrafted and checked by craftsmen. Only those that pass the inspections are exported for use.

CAFEC (or Sanyo Sangyoas it is known in Japan), the inventor of cone-shaped coffee filter paper, designed a Flower Dripper which can enrich the taste of the coffee.

Flower Dripper can form a deep filter layer of coffee ground that helps to bring out the best flavors of coffee. Since its establishment in 1973, Sanyo Sangyo prides itself on its dedication to its customers.

After years of research, Sanyo Sangyo designed the ideal flower shape filter, with deep petal ribs. This creates a layer of air enough to separate the filter paper and dripper, giving the coffee grounds space to bloom fully. Like the old nell/flannel drippers.

Unlike the old-school Nell drippers, the flower petal ribs are designed to keep water flow smooth and avoid any over-extraction. So you can enjoy an aromatic coffee with a pleasant taste.



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CAFEC is one of the original brands of Sanyo Sangyo. We have produced many coffee brewing tools centering on paper filters since our foundation in 1973. We feel proud to be the pioneer of paper filter manufacturing, especially, we are the first company who developed the cone-shaped paper filter in the world.

Since our foundation, we had continued to grow as an OEM manufacturer. However, always having the passion that “we want many coffee lovers to enjoy really delicious coffee at home” and “want to make products in which our passion is put in”, then we launchded our original brand “CAFEC” at last in 2016.

We roast coffee by ourselves too. All CAFEC products are designed based on our roasting knowledge and our brewing theory.

The brand message of CAFEC is “Happiest smile by coffee!” We hope everyone to enjoy really delicious coffee at home with their family and friends. Brewing is not difficult if they know proper brewing theory and use proper brewing tools. We want to tell our message through our products, so will continue to provide high-quality good products to every coffee lover in the future too!


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