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Giri’s Legacy


Graded Combo-5 Types

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Baarbara Berry

Giri’s Legacy 200Gm Box

BEAN: Arabica with Chicory |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Enjoyed Black

TASTING NOTES: Enjoyed Black

Giri’s Legacy epitomizes the Arabica beans of coffee growing in the shades of a natural blanket that spreads across Baba Budan Giri hills ,which boasts a legacy for harbouring first ever coffee beans in India. Hence Giri’s Legacy! The early morning mists of Western Ghats, settles down on the arrival of the sunlit dawn as though blessing the rich bionetwork of the Baba Budan Mountain in Chikamaglur. The dampness of this unscathed mist, its 5000 feet elevation of the mountains and fertility of the soil nourishes a lush vegetation which nests MG Plantations that provides Arabica beans of high quality for a perfectly curate  Giri’s Legacy blend.

These single origin coffee beans of ‘Grade AA’ grown by certified MG Plantations has been carefully handpicked, pulped, fermented for over 16 hours and washed with pristine stream of water to be sun dried for 10 days. Giri’s Legacy has a taste and medium grind textures, which awakens your thoughts and prepares your mind for an idyllic state.  Giri’s legacy is also enjoyed black and is perfectly suitable for brewing in a French press or an aero press.


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Baarbara berry coffee is a concept in a mug which allows your palettes to captivate an exquisite taste for coffee.
The coffee brewed from Baarbara berry is not just a drink but is a lifestyle that presents to you an enticing experience.
This brand is born out of passion to offer a product and a service that is hands on, good quality, full flavoured, and roasted to appeal your tasting palettes.

It is economical and obtainable to its wide range of consumers.
Thus, Baarbara Berry has made every effort in the most natural sense to bring all of this to the everyday cup, in the form of purest coffee to transform your senses to that of over joy.


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