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Nandan Coffee


BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Dark , Light , Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Cocoa, Nuts, Fruit

TASTING NOTES: Cocoa, Nuts, Fruit

Nandan Gold is a blend of limited edition, award-winning high grown Arabica available exclusively from Nandanvan Estate. It has been specially created for the discriminating aficionado.


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Who We Are:

We believe great coffee goes hand in hand with care for the environment. Our beans are home grown at The Nandanvan Estate located in the heart of the Kodaikanal wildlife sanctuary in Southern India. Our Estate has been 100% organic, chemical free and self sustained since 1997.

Nandan Coffee grows under a double canopy of silver oak, rosewood, jackfruit, banana and avocado trees. Our beans are hand picked and processed using only harvested rain water. We have a range of 7 distinct blends, each of which can be roasted and ground to your exact specifications!

Our Values

As a certified Organic coffee company, we are committed to constantly reducing our environmental impact. Nandan Coffee is grown and roasted in the heart of the Kodaikanal Wildlife Sanctuary ? our packaging is 100% recyclable. Our Estate, to this day remains entirely unfenced ? which means that animals are free to pass as they?d like ? we have no electrical fencing or otherwise.

Great Coffee Comes from Great Care for the Land

Nandan Coffee is grown and roasted at the Nandanvan Estate in the Pulney Hills near Kodaikanal, South India. Nestled at a height of 4500 feet above sea level. Pioneers of Biodynamic farming in India, The Nandanvan Estate was born in 1994. The estate moved on to practicing organic farming in 2004 and remains 100% organic to this day. We are entirely self sustained as all our coffee is processed using harvested rainwater.

Award-Winning Coffee

Nandan Coffee has won awards nationally and internationally for its flavor and quality. Our beans are homegrown using only organic growing methods. They are hand-picked and sorted for perfection before being roasted fresh just for you!


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