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BEAN: Robusta |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Dark |

TASTING NOTES: Coffee with milk

TASTING NOTES: Coffee with milk

An authentic blend of Robusta coffee 70%?and chicory 30%?makes a strong coffee. Freshly roasted and dispatched.

Recommended for ‘Coffee with milk’.

USP: Freshly roasted, grade A wash processed single estate Robusta blended with chicory.

Variant of coffee designed to have same cost as regular coffee available in next door grocery store but twice the amount of aroma, flavour and strength.

1.Freshly Roasted upon Order: Most Compounds in coffee responsible for flavour and aroma are susceptible to oxidation. Ideally coffee has to used within 30 days from roast date.

2.Single Estate wash Processed Robusta beans of uniform size: Consistent and uniform roast can be achieved only if beans are graded to similar size, have same moisture content. Factors like ripeness of coffee, time gap between pulping and harvest, size of beans also play vital role. Simple process like segregating ripened cherries during harvest adds value.

In summary we wanted to take farm to cup approach and take complete control on quality of coffee to provide better experience at same cost. We could take this approach as we grow coffee that we sell. (No middleman involved).


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“21st century farmer who wants to grow coffee in the farm, process coffee, roast, grind and sell coffee directly to customers to maintain premium quality. (No Middleman involved)

Mission: To introduce Indian consumers to PREMIUM COFFEE

Being born in a family of farmers in western ghats of karnataka who has been growing coffee for over a century, passion for coffee for us came naturally.

Premium Coffee to brew wasn’t available in market until very recently. Our friends and guests who stayed in our guest house explained that it’s extremely difficult to find freshly roasted coffee. Coffee should be ideally consumed within 15 to 20 days after roasting.
Coffee available in nearby stores (even by well known brands) are roasted months earlier. Hence we started mailing our friends and guests freshly roasted coffee (custom made – based on their taste preference) which they desired.”


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