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Karma – Nano Crystal

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Raisin, Sweet Orange, Dry Apricot Finish

TASTING NOTES: Raisin, Sweet Orange, Dry Apricot Finish

Welcome to the real speciality Coffee world.?Introducing a new special way of processing technique which focuses on the special notes and we experience proud to serving these coffees to you onwards.
This coffee is from Crystal valley estate from Coorg and with ardour and working collectively on the Carbonic Maceration process makes this coffee special and delicate. For this process, we have chosen fully riped cherries with BRIX reading 20% and pulped it. So the pulped coffees are taken to a stainless container for anaerobic fermentation. In this process, Carbon dioxide gas is injected from the down into the container can assist oxygen to taken away from the outlet valve [carbon dioxide is much denser than oxygen]. this creates the fermentation air-free fermentation. After the fermentation is carried out coffees are dried on raised beds for slow and uniform drying.


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At Karma Kaapi, we are not only coffee importers or coffee roasters; We’re authentic baristas. From handcrafted coffee beans to skilful roasters, we make sure you get the best coffee humanly possible.

Talk about our passion for coffee and Vikas Machhar and Arpit Nyati can never go unmentioned. Working as an IT professional for 12 years, Vikas later turned his career to pursue his passion for coffee. In this pursuit to set up Karma Kaapi, he visited several plantations in Chikmagalur, Coorg, and Wayanad learning about coffee from the planters themselves. A certified coffee professional (Kaapi Shastra) from Coffee Board of India and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), London, Vikas leads the operations of our brand. Staying true to the motto of ‘From Farm to Cup’, Vikas backs the superior quality at our outlets by the in-depth research done in various coffee estates and curing and roasting units.

Arpit Nyati, on the other hand, is finance major and brings in the experience of successfully running more than 50 coffee outlets in various IT companies like Accenture, WINS, Bank of America, Infosys, Oracle and IBM. Intending to take his passion for coffee to the next level, he joined hands with Vikas to brew up Karma Kaapi. Today Karma Kaapi serves exceptional coffee blends brewed from coffee beans sourced from the choicest coffee estates in India.


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