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Kilimbi Honey Red Bourbon (Rwanda)

BEAN: 100% Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Omni Roast |

TASTING NOTES: Rooibos Tea, Red Apple, Champak

TASTING NOTES: Rooibos Tea, Red Apple, Champak

  • Producer: Joseph Ntarindwa
  • Region: Nymasheke
  • Type: 100% Arabica
  • Roast Profile: Omni Roast
  • Altitude: 1650 – 1850 MASL
  • Process: Honey Sun Dried
  • Varieties: Red Bourbon
  • Flavor Notes: Rooibos Tea, Red Apple, Champak

This is the first time we are bringing you a lot from Rwanda and we are thrilled that it is honey sun dried – the popular post-harvest method that has only been recently implemented in Rwanda and is attracting amazing feedback from roasters around the world. Furthermore, the varietal in this lot is Red Bourbon and it’s grown at a  staggering altitudes of 1650 – 1850 MASL which sets up a recipe for definite deliciousness. This coffee comes from Joseph Ntarindwa who runs the award-winning Kilimbi Washing Station – the first producers and exporters of honey processed coffees in the history of Rwanda.

Similar to other coffees in this region, you will get subtle tea-like and sweet herbal notes in your cup. Our omni roast sets up potential for great results in espresso and manual brew with the former requiring some experimentation from the brewer’s end to achieve the ideal levels of acidity and sweetness. As you grind your beans or first unzip your bag of ground coffee, immerse yourself in the very subtle and citric aroma of Magnolia Champaca (Champak). Rooibos tea and sweet red apple are notes to look out for in your cup that will have a medium tactile and a milk chocolate hint in the aftertaste. Our journey with Rwanda has just begun! We would love to have you join us on what promises to be a long expedition.


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“Our fundamental goal is simple – help grow your business by supplying you with great coffee.
But here’s a few other things we do to go the extra mile and make sure we’ve got you covered.”

Understand the Needs of Your Business

We begin our business relationship with you by understanding your goals and expectations and the vision you have for your business. Whether you are a seasoned veteran in the industry or an experimenting entrepreneur with an interest in coffee, we focus our efforts on first exploring what you would like to achieve so we can streamline your ideas into an integrated vision that helps us understand the best way to generate value for your business.

We take long-term business relationships very seriously since they form the skeletal frameworks for the growth models of our clients as well as our own.

Identify the Best Products For You

Our portfolio is expansive and we continue to add new coffees every year. The flavor profiles of our coffees are as diverse as the regions from which we source them. The typical coffee drinker is one who can differentiate between the slightest of subtleties and it is key for businesses to heed to the ever-evolving demands of the consumer’s palette. We will identify the best coffees in our portfolio that match the flavor profiles you are interested in so we can offer your customers a delightful product.

We have promised ourselves to be as constraint-averse as possible. So, even if your needs go beyond roasted beans/roast & ground coffee into the realm of drip bags, dip bags, nutrition mixes, etc., we will find the ideal coffees that fit with these customizations. The objective is not to impose our ideas on our clients but to design solutions to execute their ideas.

Customize Products to Suit Your Needs

The customization of your products will be spread across three dimensions – roasting, grinding and marketing support. This will ensure that they are differentiated and well-positioned in the market. We employ an artisanal approach to roasting which combines scientific information with artistic ability to bring the best out of the beans we source.

We first collect information from our partner farms/processors about the growing and processing techniques used to produce the beans we source. We then study the physical characteristics of the bean such as moisture, color, shape and density. Before sourcing each lot, we run a series of experiments in our lab to understand how various roasting patterns create different interactions of heat with the beans to produce different flavor profiles. Once we identify a profile that yields extraordinary results, our decision to source the coffee is finalized. This in-depth understanding of each of the lots that we source enables us to provide our clients with highly customized products – whether the coffees are single estate, single origin or blends.

In addition to customized roasting, we offer customized grinding solutions to clients who do not possess grinding equipment. We also provide our clients with product stories, packaging design ideas and any other related information that can assist them with marketing. All our partners are given access to complete traceability information and documentation when applicable to the products they source.

Design a Tailored Supply Plan

Coffee is an annual crop and due to the high demand for specialty coffee, most roasters complete their sourcing activities for the year 2 – 3 months after the harvest period. Due to this reason, specialized lots of coffee are available only in limited quantities. But to ensure that you never run out of coffee, we can design tailored supply plans for each of your products to meet demand throughout the year.

Whether you require small specialized batches of 5kg a month or have a much larger commercial requirement, we can plan ahead to ensure your coffees always reach you on time and your customers are never left wanting.

Coffee Beans for Roasters

Our sister firm deals with an annual export of 10,000 – 15,000 metric tons of coffee in a year. This expansive trading network has given us the ability to source a large variety of high-quality coffees from all growing regions in India and around the world. We extend this sourcing network to roasters of all sizes and maintain very small minimum order quantities to ensure our clients are given the opportunity to experiment roasting with different coffees. As your sourcing partner, we will enable you to source volumes that are aligned with your expected demand. Our access to numerous coffee markets combined with our small MOQs will let you experiment with your product mix and switch between products whenever you deem necessary.


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