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Ratnagiri Washed – Coconutty

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Kuttinkhan Washed – Fruity & Floral – Tadgola Like

BEAN: 100% Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Tadgola • Coconut Malai • Peach • cocoa

TASTING NOTES: Tadgola • Coconut Malai • Peach • cocoa

Introducing the Washed Arabica A-3 Lot from Kuttinkhan – a coffee that promises a delightful fusion of fruity and floral notes, harmoniously balanced with a touch of sweetness and nuttiness.

Imagine the luscious creaminess and sweetness akin to Tadgola (Ice Apple) or the rich, velvety malai of freshly cracked coconut. The coffee’s natural acidity, reminiscent of a succulent peach, is complemented by subtle hints of cocoa, providing a delightful nutty undertone that rounds out the flavor profile. This coffee is a true embodiment of balance and taste. This exquisite brew is your ideal daily companion and the perfect morning energizer.

The journey of this exceptional coffee begins in the ‘Fire Block’. This area earned its name due to the fiery summers when forest fires would sweep through. The ‘Fire Block’ is a picturesque wilderness, defined by dense jungle trees casting ample shade over steep slopes, creating a sanctuary for an array of wildlife, including Bison and deer.

The coffee in this block predominantly consists of Arabica Selection 7, with additional plant varietals such as Selection 5 and Selection 9. Each coffee cherry is handpicked with utmost care, selecting only the ripest, reddest cherries. Following this, an in-fruit fermentation process within air-tight bags takes place. The coffee is then pulped and left to steep overnight in a tank. To preserve its unique character, tarpaulins are thoughtfully employed for drying the coffee, ensuring that it stays above the ground.

The result is a meticulously nurtured 14-day drying period, extending as much as possible to safeguard the coffee from the harsh afternoon sun. The Washed Arabica A-3 Lot is the epitome of balanced, high-quality coffee, inviting you to relish the essence of nature with every sip. Experience coffee perfection with Kuttinkhan – a true coffee lover’s paradise.

100% Arabica

Flavour Notes* Tadgola • Coconut Malai • Peach • cocoa
Location Chikmagalur
Process Washed
Roast Level Medium
Altitude 3400 – 4150ft
Suggested equipment** Pour Over, Aero Press, French Press, Cold Brew


* Flavour Notes are references to how the coffee may taste like. Nothing was added to the coffee.

** These are suggested equipments, You can use any equipment to brew this coffee.

***No added sugar, honey, fruit, flavour, chicory, or preservatives.


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The Journey

Ideated in Brazil | Learnt in Mexico | Founded in India
(This is a note written by Pallav Haria)

I was an Exchange student Living in Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013-14).
I had just finished schooling and had travelled there to live their life, to learn about their culture.
It was exciting, and I had no idea what was in store for me. Before Brazil, I had never really had coffee. There definitely was some instant coffee involved, but it wasn’t until I lived there that I discovered the taste of real coffee.
My friends and I would sit in the backyard drinking brewed coffee from a Morphy Richards Brewer and just sit there for a couple of hours, connecting.
We would fill our tumblers, and go for a walk to a park or sit by the lake. The coffee was just magical, but to be honest it was those moments surrounding coffee that I fell in love with. Coffee is romantic.

In 2017 I travelled to Mexico to meet up with my friends from Brazil. It was a short trip. I had planned to go visit friends in multiple cities for about 2 months.
During this travel, I fell in love with a city called Merida. It is a colonial city located in Yucatan, about Three hours from Tulum.

Conde Nast also named it the most beautiful small city in the world. So when I was leaving, I promised myself to go back there. So after 8 months, I moved. I got a nice little house with a huge front yard, a mini windmill and a dog.
I lived there for a year doing a few jobs, while also working at a cafe called Estacion 72. While I was working there I learnt a lot about the basics of coffee.
The basics of roasting and brewing. I learnt a lot by talking to people, local roasters who would bring their coffees to the cafe and being trained by a professional.
It was during this time when I had a clear goal of what I wanted to do ahead.

In 2019 I came back to India. Very soon after that, I started moving around the country visiting farms, roasters and talking to and being trained by professionals in the industry and from the coffee board of India. I started reading books and blogs about coffee.
It took me two years to have a final and a clear path in my head to start Tulum. I was sure and secure of what and how I wanted to do it.
And I can say it with pride that I am a coffee roaster now, and the founder of Tulum Coffee.

Pura Vida,
Pallav Haria


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