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Little Buddha Green Tea

TASTING NOTES: Spicy, Fruity, Mildly Citrus

TASTING NOTES: Spicy, Fruity, Mildly Citrus

Aroma – Fruity and floral whiff covering up the de-stressing intense aroma of peppercorns, cinnamon and liquorice. Almost Spa-like!
Appearance – Lemon Yellow
Caffeine – Medium
Best Consumed – In Mornings. ideal tea to start one’s day!
Complementing Food – Asian Cuisine
Taste – This brew sets your taste buds moving with spicy notes of cinnamon and peppercorns. Citrusy, fruity notes of pineapple and papaya accompanied by floral notes of roman chamomile in the middle along with the spice, lend a soothing yet invigorating oral spa experience.


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At The Good Life Company (TGL Co.), we emphatically believe that the world’s finest teas and blends should be an everyday luxury that celebrates sophistication, tranquillity and good health.

And that is why we are devoted to bringing an articulate revival to the known tea experience by sourcing the best teas in the world and masterfully blending them with innovative flavours and botanicals.

We source our teas from where they grow best, which creates a high-quality brew that sings with distinctive aroma and flavour. We then surprise these teas with infusions of thoughtfully selected botanicals and flavours that create a sensational harmony on your palate.

With every brew and blend, we’re reviving the concept of tea and taking it places to where it has never been before.

It is no coincidence that our logo too symbolises the Ancient Tea Horse route which first enabled teas to travel beyond China. We want to take it much further. Into a new era of unwavering excellence. Towards the rapidly increasing tribe of tea aficionados. To re-imagine it, no longer as a legacy drink, instead as one that entices, excites and rejuvenates.


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