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Ethiopia Coffee (From Yirgacheffe)

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Microlot 1.23

BEAN: 100% Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light to Medium |

TASTING NOTES: Brown Sugar, Lemon Tart, Sweet Molasses, Wine-like Aftertaste

TASTING NOTES: Brown Sugar, Lemon Tart, Sweet Molasses, Wine-like Aftertaste

Araku Microlot 1.23 starts the year on a high, with one of the most well-rounded coffees. The flavour reflects the nutrient-rich soil. The sweetness and lemony tartness is complimented with subtle tannin akin to a red wine.

This coffee enjoys a 15-day drying period, during which it’s evenly sun-dried on raised coffee beds. It’s very well-suited for manual brewing, both French Press and South Indian Filter.

Roast Profile Light to Medium

Notes Brown Sugar, Lemon Tart, Sweet Molasses, Wine-like Aftertaste

Cupping Score 85/100

Coffee from the region of Gurra Garuvu. Naturally processed coffee characterised by its well-rounded flavour. It owes its sweetness to crimson red coffee cherries, procured from Araku’s high slopes (1100-1250 metres) bearing a robust soil structure (dark brown to black soils with scree). If the farms are easy on the eyes, the coffee is pleasing to the palate!

only 100 packs

All limited edition packs will be dispatched after 72 hours of placing the order

Bringing you a deeper exploration of Araku’s coffee terroirs with our all-new Microlots. Specialty coffees secured from select farms and land parcels of similar elevations, soil structure and shade. The result? Utterly unique flavours with a suitably high SCA score allotted by an international jury of coffee experts. These Microlots comprise fine examples of just how ARAKU shapes the complete seed-to-cup journey – a first for any Indian coffee. As the name suggests, the lots are limited in number; as limited as 75 packs going up to not more than a few hundred.

Being the first terroir-mapped coffee to also champion the world’s largest certified organic plantation in the Eastern Ghats of India, just makes it more special. Araku, Andhra Pradesh, has proven to be excellent highlands for growing 100% Arabica coffee.

TL;DR: ARAKU Microlots = more flavour in your cup!



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Since 2001, our farmers, coffee and agricultural experts have worked together to create this unique distribution model in the coffee world: a new form of social enterprise that is committed to delivering shared value, where the business does well while also doing good for the community.


Araku has been created by the coming together of international coffee experts and the farmers of our cooperative. Together, they have made this journey possible: creating the first fully integrated value chain of coffee.


Araku coffee is a pure arabica with a rare aromatic profile combining smoothness, balance and roundness. It is created by our French coffeeologist Hippolyte Courty, guaranteeing utmost quality at each step, from the plantation to the cup.


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