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Monsoon Malabar AA

BEAN: Arabica |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark |

TASTING NOTES: Licorice notes with lingering after taste.

TASTING NOTES: Licorice notes with lingering after taste.

Monsoon Malabar AA is s.795 varietal blends that are grown and ripened at 900 ~ 1300m.s.795 was developed in the 1940s, using ‘kents’ arabica, known for its high quality. they yield bold beans, superior quality, and a balanced cup with subtle flavor notes of mocca. these beans spend up to 3~6 months of monsoon process, at regional monsoon centers in the western Ghats of India.

Monsooned coffee or coffee beans ’swollen’ with moisture from the air, is prepared at the curing works situated on the west coast of southern India. stored in special warehouses, moist monsoon winds circulate around the coffee beans, making them swell in size and take on a mellowed but aggressive, musty flavor. this process yellows the bean and reduces the acidity, imparting a heavy, syrupy flatness reminiscent of aged coffees. resulting in a flavor profile with a practically neutral ph balance.


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“Kafeido is a small roastery
we source in-harvest beans, roast every batch on order,
make sure you have fresh chaffless coffee beans,
we import best-in-class coffee equipment,
we aim to bring the best of coffee to your table.

Our Mission
To source high quality coffee and equipment,
To sell freshly roasted coffee,
To provide transparency in our process,

Our Vision
Is to become the leading provider of quality coffee and equipment “


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