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Salawara Estate

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BEAN: Arabica & Robusta |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Medium Dark |

TASTING NOTES: Toasted Bread, Dried Fruit

TASTING NOTES: Toasted Bread, Dried Fruit

Origin – Chickmagalur & Coorg Plantations


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“Coffee is all about beans roasted just right for different palates. Roasting is an art that is perfected with experience. Light roasts tend to be more fruity in taste, medium roasts are preferred by a large chunk of coffee lovers as it has less acidity. The dark roast is loved by Italians and other mainland Europeans who like their coffee strong and bold.

Apart from another important factor is grounding the roasted beans. Coffee tastes best when grounded as fresh as possible.

The emanating flavour from freshly brewed coffee tingles one’s senses. The magic of coffee is such. But not all can have facilities for grounding at home or office. Coffee that has been grounded loses its flavour if not packed and stored properly.

Ffox brings you some great coffee, both single origin and master blends. Ffox also brings you tea from chosen tribal plantations.”


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