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Balanoor Plantations – Kents (Washed) – Chikmagalur – Medium Roast


Hazelnut Flavoured Ground Coffee

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Barrel Beans

Single Origin Robusta

BEAN: Robusta / Single Estate |

COFFEE: Roasted

ROAST: Light Medium , Medium Dark |



Our beans are sourced directly from farmers and traditionally hand-roasted to your individual taste, delivering an aromatic and artisanal coffee experience with every cup!

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In the 17th century, Baba Budan bestowed India with the gift of coffee, bringing in only seven beans from Yemen. The first coffee plantation in India, popped up in Chikmagalur, and it remains, to this day, the best source of coffee in our country. We directly trade with the farmers of this region, find the finest coffee beans, traditionally hand-roast them to your individual taste, and deliver rich and aromatic coffee to your every cup!
At Barrel Beans, we want to introduce the coffee connoisseurs (the self-proclaimed and the certified) of the world to a taste that they will definitely want to keep coming back for. Our aim is to facilitate a shift from instant coffee to whole bean coffee amongst the masses, even giving those who haven?t been a fan of coffee in the past, something spectacular to taste.

It is this instinct, to pour cup after cup of a quality brew, that had us going deep into the coffee estates in Chikmagalur-Coorg. In this coffee paradise, we understood the nuances of a good cup of joe ? from plant to bean. We studied the coffee estates, acquiring knowledge about roasting and brewing from farmers who have dedicated their lives to this bean.
We are obsessed with the quality of our coffee, almost to a point where one might deem us fanatics! Coffee lovers ? try what we?re brewing, take in the tastes and aromas of true artisanal beans. Coffee virgins ? don?t rule out coffee unless you?ve tried our brew and can honestly say you?ve ?bean there, drunk that?.


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