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Variety Hot Brew Trial Pack

COFFEE: Drip & Brew Bags

Not sure which Beanly product to buy?

Don?t worry, we?ve got a trial pack that will help you decide.?

The Trial Pack contains 5 variants each of our Dip and Pour-Over Coffees, along with two Sweetened Creamers. You can now taste-test our whole range of blends i.e.,?Master Blend,?Honey Sun-Dried,?Dark Roast,?Organic Blend,?and?Cinnamon Twist?– all at one go!

Happy Discovering!

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our love for fresh coffee led us on a journey to find something better than your everyday cup. The goal? To find a convenient way to brew a cup from fresh coffee grounds; without using any expensive equipment or gadgets.

Our, somewhat, long quest came to a close after months of experiments and we are proud to bring to you the final result – the Beanly Pour-Over and Dip Coffee in a single-serve avatar. It will go where you go – whether you?re on top of a mountain or far at sea, just add hot water and watch the magic brew.


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